How to Throw An Amazing Birthday Party for a Man

Deciding to throw a party for your boyfriend, husband or father is a wonderful idea to show him just how special he is.

A simple gathering or a huge event, no matter the size involving his interests will make sure the party is a hit.

Here are some ideas to help you plan an amazing party.

Plan a theme

When it comes to party planning for a man, sometimes you just have to get creative. Think about what he enjoys and centre the party around that.

Does he like movies? Hollywood themes are a favourite or if there is one movie, in particular, look to incorporate it.

Is he into sports? Plan a party around his favourite team and their colours.

Maybe he likes video games?

Or it could be simple things that come together. For example, he may like beer, Mexican food and cigars, that calls for a rocking Mexican theme.

How to Throw An Amazing Birthday Party for a Man


No matter what size party you need to start planning in advance.

Deciding on a location and booking a place if you are not having a party at home is number 1 priority.

Giving friends and family the invite in advance will help with RSVPs and guests can ensure to keep themselves available for the night. Facebook events are a great way to communicate and send guests reminders.   

Remember it’s for him

It’s easy to get a little carried away or stay to the more familiar woman side of parties. Try not to get caught in this trap and remember its all about him. 


Of course, serving his favourite foods is a give in. Keep in mind what style of party you are having, are you having a sit-down meal or will everyone be mingling? Are you serving individually or is it help yourself situation? 

Think about what food he would like and if they can be served seated, standing or on a platter. Maybe he prefers BBQ Meats, Pizza, Burgers, Steak and Chips or Chicken wings. 

Mexican Food is fantastically easy to be served on platters for guests to help themselves and there are so many options to make or have catered. Enchiladas, Tacos and Nachos are just a few of the possibilities. The simply add a few jars of condiments such as sour cream and guacamole for people to top their food with. 

How to Throw An Amazing Birthday Party for a Man


Have plenty of his favourite drinks ready to go.  The last thing you want to do is run out of drinks so make sure you plenty on hand.

Is he a soft drink lover or maybe he would prefer to mix his soft drink with a spirit, or just have a nice cold beer. Stocking up on his favourites is sure to put a smile on his face. 


Make or buy his favourite dessert. It doesn’t have to be a traditional birthday cake, you can still dress up any dessert and add candles, what matters here is the thought.  

Does he have too many dessert favourites to choose from? Maybe a dessert table filled with those favourites such as lollies, mini tarts or pavlovas, chocolates and chocolate strawberries.

How to Throw An Amazing Birthday Party for a Man

Now it’s over to you, grab your notepad and start by jotting down all his favourite things. 

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